Cloud9 - Training Questionnaire
For your convenience to commence your training engagement, please simply complete this with as much detail as possible. Please note topics will be covered in priority order, please outline below. Cloud9 make no commitment to cover all topics listed below in the time provisioned. Additional time can be purchased as required. No training documentations provided.
Attendees of training session, name, role and level of prior MS CRM experience
Personal/Business Objectives of training
Topics expected to be covered (Please state in priority order, as not all topics may be covered)
Current business pain points and desired outcomes from learning more about CRM
Training can be delivered either online, at Cloud9 HQ (Brighton) or on-site
Please state your desired location
Training can be delivered online in multiples of 1 hour blocks. Cloud9 HQ or on-site training is delivered in multiples of 1 day
Please state your desired training duration
Preferred date and time
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Cloud9 Terms and Conditions
- Payment is required in full prior to commencement of service
- If incurred, travel expenses will be re-charged at cost plus VAT if applicable
- Training is time based, no guarantee all topics will be covered