Welcome to the IOM Government, DEFA P&BC Personalised Planning Notification service

This service allows a user to register a defined area of interest on the island, which will result in email alerts being sent to their recorded email address.
Once registered, and upon the Department issuing its weekly planning application list, any planning application received within the defined area of interest will result in the Department issuing an email alert.
To register for this notification service you need to below:
  1. Fill in your name and email address.
  2. Enter the postcode of the address, or area nearest to that which you are most interested, or simply click a location and navigate down on the map.
  3. Record the size of the surrounding area you are interested in. (Distance is measured in kilometres, so for example, to follow a 3km area around your home, key in or select 3.
  4. Confirm that you have read and understood our Privacy Policy and
  5. click on the Submit button.

You are then registered to receive a weekly email notification for planning requests in the area you have selected.

As your receive your weekly email alert you will be invited to make changes to the area defined should you wish to do so. You will be given the option to unsubscribe from this service by using the available options in the email notifications.


Interested in more than one area?

It is advised that you register only one location request per week, multiple requests and repetitive changes to the area defined will not be recognised.

How we will use your information

In accordance with Data Protection Regulations by entering your name and email address the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture will retain this personal information for the purpose of emailing you an alert based on your selected area of interest.
Whilst the Department progresses and monitors this development platform, and in case notice of an application may be missed, users are encouraged to register concurrently for receipt of the Weekly Planning Application List. To register for the weekly list please email planning@gov.im.
Personalised Planning Service

Step 1

First Name:

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Email Address:

Step 2

Enter a Postcode:

Step 3

Area of interest (must be a number between 0.1 and 10.0 only, not 1km): km

Step 4

By signing up to this service, you will be able to stay up to date by email with the latest planning notifications based on your selected area of interest.

Please confirm that you have read and understood our Privacy Notice. Please check this box to confirm that you are happy for us to process your information in accordance with these terms: