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Polar light
The beauty of northern light or aurora borealis is often called the firework of the sky, but it announces challenges for those navigating. Maritime activity is indeed on the rise in the Arctic. Northern shipping routes are opening up, cruise tourism is growing fast, and vast mineral and petroleum discoveries are becoming commercially viable. 
SeaNav GNSS Compass tested in northern norway
One of the solutions in the navigation line of products is the GNSS based compass SeaNav.  

SeaNav provides position and true heading output, and can replace several vessel instruments with one compact navigation package.

We asked one of the early users of the solution about his experience so far, and joined him during a work day at sea.

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AIS Satellitte
The main payload delivered by KONGSBERG to HEAD is the 4th generation AIS (Automatic Identification of Ships) receiver making use of advanced signal processing techniques to deliver a high detection rate over high- and medium-density shipping areas. The satellite is designed to receive 2 million messages and identify 60 thousand vessels per 24 hours. The HEAD-1 was launched on november 15.

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