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February 2019

We are happy to bring you our new-look monthly update. This month, we say a huge thanks to Radio France for hosting WEM 2019, our 6th annual Women Executives in Media meeting. And innovation is the flavour of the month, with an exciting EBU Implementing Open Innovation themed visit planned, a Master Class on Design Thinking and Innovation and the launch of our brand new podcast, MediaRoad SkillBytes.


EBU IOI themed visit to Radio France (14 & 15 March) - Taking place at the landmark headquarters in Paris, this visit will include learning about the strategy driving and implementing innovation within the organisation, as well as visiting Station F, the world's biggest start-up campus.


Design Thinking and Innovation (Royal College of Art, London, 4 & 5 March) - This Master Class will cover five main areas: the emergent role of design within the landscape of innovation; combining convergent and divergent thinking; the real world versus the world of ideas; the power of visualization; and creating environments for innovation.

How to get ahead with social media in sports (SVT, Stockholm, 8 & 9 April) - Following on from the session held at BBC Sport last September, this Master Class will focus on how a smaller public service media organization like SVT is making the best of its resources to develop lasting relationships with its audiences, notably through using social media for its winter sports coverage.

Constructive News Stories (DR Odensee, 9 & 10 April) - Discover how you can join the transformation of the information landscape using Constructive Journalism to give media consumers a comprehensive view of an issue to inspire them and facilitate a public debate around a better tomorrow.  

Big Data, AI and Block Chain for Public Service Media (École des Ponts ParisTech, 10-12 April) - Big data is likely to herald a paradigm shift for the broadcasting industry. The question is not if, but when and how the industry will shift. Decision makers will be given an understanding of the technical possibilities and limitaions of big data, with a foundation to explore the full implications on the broadcast industry.


In the first episode of our new podcast series, MediaRoad SkillBytes we speak to Léonard Bouchet, Head of Data and Archives at RTS (duration: 8 mins). He shares his experience of developing a new organisational structure to drive rapid change. Don't miss episode 2 out on 25th February, with guest Judy King, Innovation Director at BBC Monitoring.


  • Did A Robot Write This? How AI Is Impacting Journalism - Several major publications are picking up machine learning tools for content. So what does artificial intelligence mean for the future of journalists? (
  • How to get started in mobile journalism - Tips and tricks shared by mobile journalists and trainers on ways to use your smartphone to film visually strong feature stories. (
  • How to Manage a Social Media Crisis: A Practical Guide for Brands - Your best chance to make it through a social media crisis is to prepare ahead of time. Have a solid plan, a list of key stakeholders and responsibilities, and a clear chain of command. Explore methods for spotting potential issues as they emerge and how to shut a problem down in the early stages. (
  • Young reporters find new ways to break into journalism - A new group of journalists are taking advantage of alternative funding models such as philanthropy, non-profits, subscriber support and crowdsourced ventures to report stories in new ways. (