November 30, 2021

New publications relevant to Certificated Sites

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BRCGS regularly publishes documents that provide important information and guidance to certificated sites. These two documents have recently been published and will be of interest to any sites certificated to the Agents and Brokers Global Standard or the Gluten-Free Certification Programme.


Global Standard Agents and Brokers (Issue 3) Auditing Techniques

This document highlights and explains the minimum activities which shall be incorporated into an audit for Global Standard Agents and Brokers (Issue 3).


Global Standard Gluten Free (Issue 3) Position Statements 

The changes in this position statement are mandatory and form part of the Standard’s normative documents. It provides clarification of interpretation of a requirement in the Global Standard Gluten Free, Issue 3. There has been an update to Part III, Section 13 and changes are effective from date stated on the document.


These documents are available to certificated sites through BRCGS Participate, your online document library available exclusively as part of the All-Inclusive Service Package.