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QUIC is the ELT industry's leading quarterly student statistics scheme and is open to all English UK member centres.

For full details about the scheme, why you should join, a sample quarterly report and details of the data you need to submit each quarter visit:  

Participated in the scheme in 2022? As subscription is on a rolling basis, QUIC 2022 participants do not need to complete this 2023 registration form.

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QUIC 2023 fees:

  • 2023 subscription fee: £215 + VAT (usual QUIC subscription fee pre-pandemic: £250 + VAT)
  • 2023 subscription fee for groups: £215 + VAT (for the first accredited centre) and an additional £50 + VAT for each subsequent accreditation/ member centre**
  • Our group subscription fees are capped at £415 + VAT per group.
**For example, a group consisting of three member centres will pay: £215 + (2 x £50) = £315 + VAT

All QUIC subscribers will receive an invoice for their 2023 annual fee during the first quarter. 

This invoice will be payable within 30 days, or prior to receiving the QUIC Q1 report and pivot tables, whichever is earliest. Failure to pay this invoice will result in the member’s exclusion from QUIC. 

Please review our terms and then submit your form
Confirmation of participation

Participation will be confirmed by English UK and made definitive by issuance of a confirmation email, at which stage participation is considered as binding and terms and conditions will apply.  

Terms and conditions

1. English UK  sends all members of QUIC an invoice for the annual fee during the first quarter. This invoice is payable within 30 days, or prior to circulation of the QUIC report and quarter one pivot tables, whichever is earliest. 

2. Members of QUIC commit to submitting accurate data in full compliance with guidelines issued by English UK by the published deadlines. If your data is late, but is received by midnight on the fifth working day after the submission deadline, you will be fined £50+VAT. This penalty is per centre, per submission. Data submitted after this will not be accepted and the member will be expelled from QUIC with immediate effect. 

3. Re-admission to QUIC for members who have been expelled for failure to return data will be at the discretion of English UK.   

4. English UK reserves the right to make changes to QUIC, including the submission process and guidelines. Any changes made will be in consultation with research experts and be intended to improve QUIC for the benefit of all members.   

5. No (full or partial) refunds of the annual fee will be issued for any reason.   

6. Failure to pay the £50+VAT penalty fine within 30 days of issuance will result in immediate expulsion from QUIC.   

7. QUIC is open to all English UK members until 31 March 2017 and then every December to mid-March thereafter.   

8. The minimum length of membership of QUIC is one calendar year, i.e. four quarters of data submission (January – December).   

9. Membership of QUIC is rolling year-on-year. You may cancel your membership of QUIC in December (1-31 December) each year by means by writing to

10. QUIC members will receive the full statistical report in digital copy and Excel format pivot tables via email within a maximum of eight weeks and a minimum of four weeks after the end of the referenced quarter.  

11. A top-lines executive summary of the full report will be made publicly available and distributed by English UK. 

English UK reserves the right to sell the full report to stakeholders, partners and other interested parties for a suitably inflated price, if we assess there to be no conflict of interest. 

QUIC members agree not to share the full report or accompanying pivot tables outside of their organisation. English UK reserves the right to expel a member from QUIC if there is evidence suggesting the member has shared this outside of their organisation. 

English UK will collate the data and share this with third-party research agency BONARD in accordance with strict data protection protocols.   

BONARD is an affiliate member of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation and a member of ESOMAR. As such, they comply with an international research code of conduct and follow strict data protection protocol.   

BONARD will process the data to ensure a representative sample. However, like all data collection schemes, the more participants, the more reliable the data. The depth of comparative analysis possible is not guaranteed and will depend to some extent on the number of member centres signing up to QUIC.   

17. English UK reserves the right to terminate QUIC at any time without assigning a reason. In this case, any refund of the annual fee will be offered at the discretion of English UK

Data consent

We are committed to protecting your privacy and your personal data. We want you to fully benefit from this statistics scheme and to be clear about how and why we process your personal data.

Why we are processing your data

We require and use your personal data to facilitate your registration and administer this statistics scheme. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for further information.

Who else has access to your personal data

We collect personal data including your name, job title, email address, and employer details.

If you share other people’s data with us, for example you advise a colleague will be responsible for supplying the quarterly statistics to us, you will need to check that person consents to you providing that information to us.

We may share your personal data with our suppliers, business partners and service providers, where they are helping us to analyse your centre's statistical data and deliver the reports.

These will include:

Supplier type

Data supplied


Full name, company name

Email marketing tools

Full name, email address

English UK and social media platforms

Full name, company name

Scheme partners (e.g. Bonard)

Full registration information and any contact details on your quarterly data submission 

Graphic designers and printers

Company name


Company name

We also want to keep you up-to-date with news of similar business development events and initiatives organised by us, so we would like to send you information about relevant events, according to our Privacy Policy.

Your personal data will not be retained for longer than is necessary for the relevant purposes as set out in our
Privacy Policy. You can ask us about your personal data at any time.

You can also withdraw the consent to use your personal data at any time. Please be aware that a withdrawal of consent before the start of the QUIC 2023 submission period will result in the member centre’s exclusion from QUIC and incur cancellation fees as noted in our Terms and Conditions.

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