Fam trip registration form

Registration deadline: Friday 28 June 2024

Before completing this form please ensure you have read the guidelines for organisers of Fam trips and the terms and conditions located below.

Please ensure your complete trip itinerary is submitted as soon as possible but by Friday 6 September 2024. This will assist with trip promotion and agents’ travels plans.

StudyWorld Manchester 2025 will take place on Monday 27 - Wednesday 29 January. Fam trips will take place after this.
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I agree that all participating institutions must be a member of English UK or be an accredited or inspected education provider, and that at least two participating institution is attending StudyWorld Manchester 2025.

The trip co-ordinator/hosts agree to document the trip, e.g. photos and vlogs, to be collated and shared with English UK after the trip.

Confirming places to agents

Decisions for applications will be made within five working days. Decisions for applications received after Friday 22 November will be made within two working days.  

Arrival/ departure time

The Fam trip will not depart before the end of StudyWorld on Wednesday 29 January at 6pm. Trips with activities scheduled during the official StudyWorld programme will not be promoted by English UK.


If the trip is cancelled, I will notify English UK in writing before Friday 15 November. Cancellations received after this date may have financial implications due to agents’ travel arrangements and administration costs incurred by English UK.

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