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January 2019


Welcome to the first DTI newsletter of 2019, with a new design and feel. We will continue to bring you updates from the initiative alongside news from Members and key events.

New for this year is the inclusion of a 'Member's voice' section, where we highlight a project or issue that someone in the network is engaged with. This month, we have Paul Meyrat from SRF looking to connect with people working with Robotic Process Automation. If you have a project to highlight, get in touch and we will be happy to feature your project. 

2018 was an exciting and busy year for the initiative and 2019 looks to be even more so. Our service portfolio is live and the calendar is filling up, so let us know if you are interested in personal on-site support from the DTI team.

We also have a new team member in the Digital Unit, Grace Zakka, who is the Digital Project Manager and will be working closely with the DTI.


The DTI travelled to Prague to work with Czech Radio recently for a two-day workshop. Our visit compliments the internal work that has already begun on CR's  transformation strategy. We discussed the DTI framework with examples of best practice case studies and live link-ups with both SVT and SR, to talk about the tranferables for Czech Radio.

We were also in Tallinn before end of last year, were we spent the day with ERR working on similar issues.

These workshops are part of our new Member service portfolio, and are available free of charge now. Get in touch to find how we can support you with our tailored services.

The DTI Knowledge Hub is now live - bringing together research, case studies and the DTI toolbox. We are on SharePoint, so follow the link and if you have any issues with access, send a quick email and we will sign you up.


Do you have experience of Robotic Process Automation? Paul Meyrat from Swiss broadcaster SRF is looking to speak to people in the network about their experiences (this article is found on the DTI Knowldge Hub. If you have trouble accessing the link, contact us directly)
Swedish Radio have a really great guide to social media for journalists. Not only does it set out best practices in a very clear way, it works through the characteristics of each and explores thier legal implications too. And all open-access in the spririt of sharing.

DAB continues to grow. David Fernández Quijada, Manager of the Media Intelligence Service at the EBU sets out the major trends amongst Members as we head towards Radio Week at the EBU (also on the Knowldge Hub, same rules apply).

GPB: Digital era - constructing the future - Tinatin Berdzenishvili, Media and Communications Director at Georgia Public Broadcaster, shares her thoughts on how changing consumption habits are impacting broadcasters and even our bodies themselves. This article is part of our new Members Blog series, so look our for further instalments.


A key element of our workplan for 2019 is to widen the scope of the initiative and reach Members who have so far not been involved. We have a series of regional workshops planned:

Regional workshop at the Georgian Public Broadcaster, GPB, Tbilisi, 13-14th February - This workshop will run over two days, and will bring together executives from across the region to share perspectives on their digital transformation journey.

The goal is to make personal connections between peers, sharing knowledge and applying the DTI framework. The discussions will be shaped by the issues Members bring to the table, with the emphasis on practical, hands-on insights.

Regional workshop hosted by Polish Radio in Warsaw, 4/5th April 2019 - Building on our regional, issues-based format, we will bring together a group of executives who share the same challenges and issues to share insights and best practices, and connect with EBU exerts and permanent services.

Digital Radio Summit - is nearly here, as part of the EBU Digital Radio Week, 11-14 February 2019. Other events include the Radiohack and Radio Archives Workshop.

Implementing Open Innovation (IOI) visit to Radio France - the IOI group travel to Paris on the  14–15 March 2019, to gain insights into Radio France Digital, a selection of key innovative products, the "accélerateur d'idées", and the overall approach to driving and implementing innovation in the organization.

Be sure to try and make it to Munich for the BDI workshop on Data in the newsroom . Hosted by the Institut für Rundfunktechnik (IRT), this workshop  This event is for strategists, technologists, engineers and developers and will focus on practical use-cases.


EBU VOX Report - Voice-activated devices have entered our lives at an astonishing pace. In territories where these are available in the local language, the speed of adoption may prove equal that of the telephone and colour television. Like all new devices, voice control presents both an opportunity and a challenge to the media sector.  

This report from the EBU VOX group sets out the major trends facing PSM.
Lean Change Management - Innovative Practices for Managing Organizational Change. If you don't mind the very casual style, this book has some interesting and quickly implementable ideas.