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January 2019

Hello. Thanks to you, the Music Group Update is bigger and better than ever! Keep those contributions coming! Questions or comments? Just drop a line to Pascale Labrie and Richard Cole.


From 16 to 18 January, the EBU Music Group met in Groningen at the kind invitation of NPO – special thanks to Henk van de Pol and his colleagues for the wonderful organization of this event.

In conjunction with the 20th anniversary of the Eurosonic Festival and the partnership with the EBU, a wealth of topics were debated. Among them was a very crucial one: the Beethoven Year 2020, when the world of classical music will celebrate the 250th anniversary of this unique composer’s birth.
The Music Group is already compiling activities to plan attractive offers, and you can help. Following up on the call for proposals that you received, what are radio orchestras, concert halls and producers in your broadcast area planning for this special jubilee? Going well beyond concerts, live or recorded live, we’re interested in everything about Beethoven, his works, his personality and his enormous influence on the development of music, and not just classical: commissions of new works, interviews of famous artists, historical archive performances, documentaries and more. Please share all your ideas, projects and proposed collaborations with the Beethoven subgroup, which will meet in late January in Oslo. The most outstanding projects will be included in a special Beethoven offer.

The common thread that ran through the entire Music Group Meeting was the new 2019-2021 EBU Member Services Strategy, TOGETHER. Our activity is one of the EBU’s seven Priorities for 2019. You will find out more below, but I want to stress here the importance it gives to our music exchange activity, its further development and enrichment, the transformation of its distribution, etc. Our activity is concrete, of excellent value for radio organizations, and it brings diversity and high-quality content to our live recorded radio music programming. In line with the new strategy, I invite you all to attend the next Plenary Meeting of Music Experts in Dublin on 9-10 May. Now more than ever, it’s time for all of us to look in the same direction, in a dynamic spirit of reciprocity.

Michael Blees
Vice-Chair, EBU Music Group​
Head of Music (Concert and Opera), ORF/Ö1


Radio France Philharmonic Orchestra

Member of the Month: Radio France Félicitations to the Radio France Philharmonic Orchestra under Music Director Mikko Franck for receiving the prestigious Grand Prix for Instrumental and Symphonic Music of the Académie Charles Cros. This Warner Classics & Erato recording of Bartók’s 1st Violin Concerto (soloist: Vilde Frang) and Enescu’s Octet has already been awarded several other prizes.
Contact: Marianne Devilleger, Radio France, Media Relations

The new EBU strategy TOGETHER - This aims to deliver tangible value to our Radio Members. One of our priorities is to execute the development plan for our music exchange. The articulation of our hub of knowledge and expertise, the strengthening of our advocacy and the improvement of our events and expert group management should result in more value as well as better experience. Discover more here.
Contact: Roberto Suarez Candel, EBU, Senior Manager, Strategy and Media Intelligence Service

EBU Opera Broadcasters Days, New York | 15-16 March 2019 - For the first time in three years, the Opera Broadcasters Days are heading to New York, where the Metropolitan Opera team will be hosting a seminar for EBU Members and Associates and welcoming participants to attend a choice of performances, starting Friday, 15 March. For full details, head to the event Workspace page.
The deadline for registration is 18 February.
Contact: Dominic Hickey, EBU, Project Manager

A birthday gift for MUSNew: Version 1.10 - Launched just in time for MUSNew’s first anniversary, Version 1.10 contains the revision of the concert ordering pages (including Wishlist, My orders, Our orders, Validate, All offers and Concerts overview) and provides greater stability, along with these added features. The updated User Guide is available on the WIKI page. We hope these changes will make your day-to-day experience more comfortable and user-friendly. Questions or assistance?
Contact: Mireia Pacareu Fauquier, EBU, Project Manager

40 years man and boy: Bent Grønholdt looks back on his career at DR - 4 decades devoted to classical music and public service - what a privilege! When I started in 1979, the reels with EBU concerts wrapped in brown paper were delivered by the postman once a week. Today we just click on a button. The development has been amazing. Quality and adaptability are the most important words I have learned. Long live classical music and our wonderful EBU family!
Contact: Bent Grønholdt, DR, Editor

Radio gets its day - Reflecting the theme “Dialogue, peace and tolerance” of UNESCO’s 2019 World Radio Day, held each year on 13 February, the EBU has partnered with the global project One Day One Choir to produce materials supporting WRD broadcasts, including radio-focussed peace-making stories, vocal clips on the theme of peace, and a suggested playlist including words from peace-makers. Find out more here.
Contact: Graham Dixon, EBU, Head of Radio

Yes, we are all serious about music! - The Music Group Meeting in Groningen enabled us to discover the amazing event that is the Eurosonic Festival and the EBU’s 20-year partnership with ESNS, as well as to take part in a lively one-hour discussion on cross-border radio music programming, “You Can’t be Serious!” Moderated by Edward Blakeman (BBC), this mixed panel also featured Hervé Riesen (Radio France), Gail Henry (RTÉ), Tim Moen (NPO) and Carlo “Jarno” Garrè (7k, A&R).
Contact: Pascale Labrie, EBU, Head of Music

Radio and TV Joint Meeting - The Euroradio Music Group met with the TV Music & Dance Bureau on 18 January during the Eurosonic Festival in Groningen. As well as updating each other on the groups’ respective portfolios, a number of areas for further collaboration were identified in connection with the 2020 Beethoven anniversary, choral singing events and broadcasters’ ensembles.
Contact: Matthew Trustram, EBU, Senior Project Manager


Joan Tower, composer of one of the works in SM/2019/01/07/05
8 March is International Women’s Day - What a great occasion to honour female composers! We’re celebrating with two live concerts from the BBC (SM/2019/01/07/05) and Swedish Radio (EURO/2018-2019/OS2/005). There are also deferred concerts featuring all women composers, from early music (DEWDR – SM/2018/02/52/05) and Romantic (SESR – SM/2018/01/29/01-04) to contemporary (GBBBC – SM/2018/07/01/10). Planning a special concert? Let us know!
Contact: Sibylle Förster, EBU, Project Manager

Making the best of our assets - In international programme exchanges or EBU projects, archive material can enrich your output. The 2nd Archive Workshop will be held in Geneva on 14 Feb. The International Relations Group provides best practices and will follow up on the topic at the IR Plenary next autumn.
Contact: Julia Wellershaus, NDR, Vice-Chair, International Relations Group

What are YOU doing on 21 March? - Why not celebrate early music by organizing a concert? Only two months left until the 7th Early Music Day! This year again, the EBU is a media partner. The European Early Music Network’s new website shows all the concerts, conferences, open rehearsals and online broadcasts already planned. If you’re organizing something on the day, let us know so we can add your event.
Contact: Virginie Robineau, EBU, Project Manager

Notturno in Warsaw - The Notturno Annual Meeting returns to Poland this year. At the kind invitation of our PR colleagues, we will meet in Warsaw on 26-27 March. The new editorial and vision scheme launched on 1 Jan. lowers costs considerably. Interested in knowing more about this wonderful night-time programming produced by the BBC? All information is available on the EBU website and on Workspace.
Contact: Sibylle Förster, EBU, Project Manager

RTVS Slovakia - Call for entries for the Svetozár Stračina Grand Prix Competition, to be held on 26-28 March 2019 at RTVS, Mýtna St. 1, Bratislava. Radio broadcasters may submit up to 4 folk music recordings made between 31 March 2017 and 31 Jan. 2019, each no more than 6 minutes and by different performers. Read the Statutes, then submit your Entry Form by 31 Jan. 2019 and Attendance Form to
Contact: Slavomíra Kubičková, RTVS, Head, International Relations

Advance notice: PAA - After recovering from a wonderful Art’s Birthday Party, dig into your Ars Acustica material and start thinking of this year’s Palma Ars Acustica. All details have just been sent out, so get ready and be prepared!
Contact: Sibylle Förster, EBU, Project Manager


My Favourite Offers – BBC - We really loved the Nelson Mandela celebration from the Minnesota Orchestra under Osmo Vänskä (SM/2018/06/48/01). The traditional songs section that ended the concert seemed to have the whole room singing and cheering – it was very moving. Another stand-out is SM/2018/09/30/02, from CHRTS, featuring Debussy, Ravel and Chausson performed by Renaud Capuçon, the Hermès Quartet and Nicholas Angelich. It’s excellent!
Contact: Ellie Mant, BBC Radio 3, Producer


  • 13 February – World Radio Day
  • 14 February – Radio Archives Workshop, Geneva
  • 8 March – International Women’s Day
  • 15-16 March – Opera Broadcasters Days, Metropolitan Opera of New York
  • 21 March – European Day of Early Music
  • 26-27 March – Notturno Plenary Meeting, Warsaw
  • 26-28 March – Svetozár Stračina Grand Prix Competition, Bratislava
  • 11-12 April – EBU Radio Assembly, Sofia
  • 9-10 May – Plenary Meeting of Music Experts, Dublin

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