Welcome to our fantastic campaign!

You've probably seen this amazing campaign on social media, or perhaps heard about it at our fantastic stand in XYZ exhibition!

Now is your chance, the rules are simple!

  1. Fill in your information.
  2. Place your bet, who do you think would win in a fight? Antoine or Frine?
  3. Follow the instructions in the autoreply and let the odds be in your favor!
Alternative desc

The 5 lucky winners will win a free installation of their choice in any of their preferred establishments! We will also call their names out loud in our EMEA Lead Process Workshop! So be ready!


Please fill in the form below with your real names and phones, but make sure your e-mail has never been used before in the CRM, use your personal e-mail, don't worry, we won't keep it!


You can get creative with the company, and add a fun company you wish you had worked for at some point in your life!