Networks are evolving constantly. The number of subscribers is increasing and new services require more network capacity. Higher capacity demands are tackled with network re-segmentation and node splitting, which in practice leads to laborious and costly on-site adjustment of network devices. The result is not only increased risk for human errors and network unreliability, but also higher operating costs. Bringing intelligence to networks provides operators an effective way to solve these problems.

Intelligent Networks concept: 
Improving network reliability while reducing operational costs
Our white paper introduces the concept of Intelligent Networks and outlines how an intelligent cable network can be constructed and managed. The paper gives you answers to questions such as:
  • What are intelligent broadband nodes and amplifiers and how do they work?
  • How does adding intelligence affect network management?
  • What benefits does Intelligent Networks bring to operators?
  • What is the actual business impact of adding intelligence in a cable network?
Maintaining and upgrading a network does not have to be costly and time-consuming. Speed up network management, save costs, and improve network availability - the answer comes from intelligence!

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