What can be done before customers churn and revenues are impaired? Read our report on customer churn in the cable television industry!

Customer churn is definitely a major issue for any successful business and the reasons for churn are often known and reported. However, there is very little publicly available information regarding what kinds of events precede the churn in the cable television industry.

At the beginning of 2017, we conducted a comprehensive research on churn and the events preceding it. The survey and the included interviews were performed across Europe, and its results are published in our report Customer pre-churn analysis of the cable television industry.  The report provides you insights into events preceding churn and what can be done before revenues are impaired.

Read the report for answers to questions such as:
- How many subscribers of cable television services are potential churners?
- How easily might potential churners cancel their subscription and what happens before customers decide to churn?
- What could be done to build up loyal customer relationships?

In addition, the results of the research are expected to offer useful managerial guidelines for cable television executives operating in an uncertain and rapidly changing market space.

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