Our white paper is targeted for technical operations management and senior executives who are looking for tools to decrease impairments in the HFC plant to increase service uptime.

Intelligent Tools to Increase Uptime in The HFC Plant
Our white paper helps you understand how Intelligent Network solutions can close the gap on understanding and controlling Outside Plant issues as they occur. If you are a cable industry expert looking those extra tools in your toolbox to cut costs, extend the life of your network, and increase customer satisfaction, then this paper should be of primary interest to you.
The paper gives you insight and answers to questions such as:
  • How are network OPEX, customer churn, PNM and software-define networking considered in the industry discussions?
  • Which concrete tools are currently available to solve many of the identified network issues?
  • What empirical evidence is there to back up the theory?
  • Which are the avenues for future research?
Poor network reliability is the single-most influential factor causing dissatisfaction in the cable television industry.  Read how to tackle the challenge and offer great customer experience to your subscribers while still keeping the network operational expenditures in control!

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