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For all of us, 2020 was truly an extraordinary year, in which we provided you with many exciting topics – including some Corona-related articles - from the world of executive education. In case you missed something, we’re happy to share some of our best-performing articles below. But first, a word from behind the scenes:

For us, the past year was not only very eventful as a result of the pandemic; there was also a change in our management team: Astrid Kleinhanns-Rollé, Managing Director, has decided to pursue new career paths after more than 15 years with the WU Executive Academy. The entire team and I would like to take this opportunity to thank her once again from the bottom of our hearts: her commitment, enthusiasm and outstanding know how has made the WU Executive Academy what it is today.

All the best for your new endeavors, Astrid!

We hope you enjoy reading this newsletter.

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PS: For those of you who would like to learn where the journey of executive education is heading in the 2nd year of the COVID pandemic, we have analyzed the 6 most important executive education trends of 2021.

Jürgen Klopp's Leadership Secrets

With seven games still left to play before the end of the 2019-20 season, it was already clear that the Reds from Liverpool would win the English Premier League after a long 30-year wait. Soccer fans around the globe soon agreed on the reason for this success: 53-year-old head coach Jürgen Klopp. Together with Nina Burger, one of Austria’s most successful soccer players, Prof. Jonas Puck, Academic Director of the MBA Energy Management, has analyzed Jürgen Klopp’s 6 most important leadership skills that are at the core of his success and reputation as a legendary coach. They also explain why these qualities not only do wonders on the soccer field but could also give managers in large corporations a competitive advantage.

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COVID-19 as an Opportunity for Entrepreneurship?

For many months, the pandemic has been threatening the global economy. Supply chains are interrupted, events are cancelled, and millions of people have lost their jobs. There is no doubt that the new virus is causing severe problems and grave suffering for many. But is there a chance that it also harbors opportunities for businesses? Prof. Nikolaus Franke, Academic Director of the Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & Innovation, took an up-close look at this question.

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The Sexiest Jobs of the 2020s

Ever since the renowned Harvard Business Review ruled that “data scientist” was the “sexiest job of the 21st century,” interested parties know which profession has the brightest future. Yet the current LinkedIn Emerging Jobs Report reveals that companies will also be looking for a host of other professions in addition to data scientists in the years to come. Astrid Kleinhanns-Rollé, Managing Director of the WU Executive Academy, took a close look at the job trends in of the 2020s.

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Career Moves @ WU Executive Academy:


Who has changed jobs? Who was promoted?
This time:
Toma Matei, Vice President of New Digital Technologies, Ve Global
Saurav Prakash, Head of Human Resources, BPA Consulting
Priyanka Dutta-Passecker, Co-Founder & CEO, Healiva SA

Cellular Renewal for the Boardroom

When everything is getting too much, the art of letting go can be liberating – and that principle does not only apply to the human body: autophagy, a biological term that denotes the cleansing and renewing of body cells. Letting go also works for companies – if done in the right way. Executive coach and best-selling author Nathalie Karré and Helga Pattart-Drexler, Head of Executive Education at the WU Executive Academy, analyzed the things 21st-century managers should best get rid of in order to benefit from this effect in their professional lives and ensure cellular renewal in their companies.

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How to (Mis)handle a Crisis: 6 Leadership Lessons From COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis is not yet over and its impact (both economic and personal) will keep us busy for the months and years to come. However, it’s clear that there will be leadership success stories and cases where leaders failed. “Whatever the outcome of this crisis will be – there are important leadership lessons to be learned,” says leadership expert Prof. Günter Stahl, long-standing faculty member of the WU Executive Academy. Here are his 6 most important leadership lessons that managers can learn from the COVID-19 crisis.

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Vienna, My Love: 8 Reasons to Move to the Most "Leiwand"* City in the World

In the heart of Europe: Vienna is the best city to live in according to a number of renowned global studies – and it is also a particularly good place to work and study. Astrid Kleinhanns-Rollé, Managing Director of the WU Executive Academy, gives a very personal account of why she loves the “city of song” so much.

*remarkable, wonderful, great

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A Crisis Management Guide: What Project Managers Should Know

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has dealt a major blow to the economy, the full dimension of which cannot yet be assessed. What is already clear is that many industries are experiencing a sizeable slump. Keeping this in mind, the number-one goal is a fast recovery that is as sustainable as possible; and in order to make this happen, professional project management is needed. Prof. Martina Huemann, Academic Director of the Professional MBA Project Management, has analyzed what project managers should do in times of crisis, which competences they need, and how they can best prepare for the time after the crisis.

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