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Tweak your week is a an email based programme that will help you think about small changes you can make to your week. With a focus on helping you manage your weight, it uses subtle behaviour change techniques that are evidence based. 

We're excited to be launching this soon. 

If you have type 2 diabetes sign up here to receive our helpful recipes hints and tips and be part of the first campaign.


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The Know Diabetes service is for people aged 18 or over, who live in North West London

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We want to use the information you tell us about your health to give you an interactive Know Diabetes experience that’s tailored to you and your lifestyle.

For example, we’ll show you videos about the type of diabetes you may have, or tell you about services in your area, or sometimes we’ll email you about new features we’ve added. We promise to store your information securely and keep it confidential.

We also look at how people are using Know Diabetes so we can see how to make it better, and to help with our research. We promise to keep this data completely anonymous.

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