Food safety and regulatory compliance is paramount for food producers to meet retailer requirements and to ensure consumer confidence.

Come and meet the Ishida food safety specialists to discuss the latest technology in quality control and inspection systems:
  • Our extensive range of x-ray inspection equipment which can be used to detect a variety of foreign bodies such as plastic, rubber, metal and stone.
  • For pack weight control and compliancy we have the latest in checkweigher technology to ensure you meet retailer code of practice requirements.
  • Increase customer confidence in your brand by identifying quality issues such as broken products, missing pieces, under-filled products or packaging defects.
  • View the variety of reject methods that allow you to identify issues fast, increase productivity and manage waste.
  • Discover how food waste can be reduced by our range of leak detection systems, which include seal testers and our unique system to detect leakages in MAP packs.
Product Trials and Testing

Bring along samples of your products and we will conduct extensive tests to provide you with your options for quality control, as well as an x-ray sensitivity detection report to share the findings with your Quality team.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Ishida Quality Control and Inspection Demonstration facility.
Email us here for further details.