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How do you maintain and operate existing IT infrastructure and Business Applications
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These are some of the questions that will set you up for reaching your goals on the journey from Legacy to Hybrid. You can get plenty of guidance by downloading our white paper "From Legacy to Hybrid".

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We have gathered inspiration and knowledge that will come in handy on your journey from Legacy to Hybrid.

Agility: A must for digital transformation

Is your organization prepared to respond quickly to new technologies and changing consumer trends?

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Legacy is not an insurmountable barrier to agility

Positive: Many companies have an innovation agenda and are working ambitiously to move their organizations and services in a more digital direction. Next step: Legacy and competencies remain barriers according to the results of NNIT's Expectation Barometer 2019. But these barriers are not necessarily insurmountable.

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7 good reasons for going cloud

It's not a question of whether your IT architecture should be in the cloud, but when it should be in the cloud. Here are 7 good reasons why now is the right time.

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