COVID-19 has disrupted many of the long-established norms of the banking world. In just a few weeks it has forced customers to manage more of their finances online. In response, financial institutions are having to make major changes to the way they work.

The road ahead feels uncertain but one thing is clear; banks will need to continue to adapt as the situation progresses. During these difficult times, you still have to meet your customers' need for uninterrupted banking services. You will also need to support your corporate and SME clients to ensure business continuity and help keep the world economy going.

VeriPark has the digital banking solutions to ensure that:
  • your employees can work from home, stay safe and be available to meet the needs of your retail and business customers
  • your organization can acquire and onboard new customers without the need to meet them in a physical branch
  • your customers can manage their finances remotely - via internet or mobile banking
  • Welcome and introduction
  • VeriPark Digital Banking solutions (with demo's):
    • Omni-channel customer onboarding (retail + SME)
    • Digital servicing
    • Digital lending
    • Digital Collections
    • Digital Branch
    • Digital Sales Agent
  • Closing and Q&A

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