Download Datalogic's White Paper to discover the many reasons why seamless traceability is fundamental for future success.

With greater product liability, rising quality standards and more complex customer requirements, traceability is a subject that is increasingly important and developing into a fundamental prerequisite to be able to conduct business at all in the future. In more and more cases, traceability is an absolute must, since it is required by law, standards or supply chain agreements.

Industry 4.0 technologies provide companies not just with the possiblity of quickly and systematically determining errors, but avoiding errors during the manufacturing processes and thus improving quality.  Businesses will also make significant improvements and streamline the way in which their products are created and released to the everyday consumer.

When implemented correctly, Industry 4.0 can pose several key benefits, including
  • Improved efficiency
  • New opportunities
  • Reduced costs
  • Gaining an edge over competitors
In Datalogic's white paper you will discover that the basis for traceability is the marking and identification of products.  
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