E-book: 3 Application security strategies to protect Digital Twins

Are you looking to implement digital twins to reduce maintenance costs, uncover operational inefficiencies or develop your products in a more data-driven way?

Then you are not alone. According to Gartner, half of large industrial companies will use digital twins by 2021.

But as you capitalize on the benefits of digital twins, could you be putting your business at risk by leaving the back door open?

You see, your digital twin is likely to contain your IP, your sensitive data as well as access to your physical assets, all of which are critical to your business. The same way you have 24/7 security for your physical assets, so should you protect their digital twin.

Our latest e-book: Cybersecurity for Digital Twins, looks at why digital twins are an attractive target for a hacker and proposes 3 application security strategies to mitigate the risks.

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