Download the e-book: Cybersecurity for Connected Maintenance Apps

For many equipment manufacturers, Service & Maintenance is a growing source of revenue. And they are getting smarter at it too, using connectivity and IoT platforms to improve efficiencies.

Connected Maintenance apps are a great example of this.

Gartner predicts that by 2021, 40 percent of field service work in asset-intensive industries will involve equipment data collected remotely, either before, during or after a visit by a field service technician.

The catch is that these apps are often deployed in hostile environments where basic app security is not enough to protect you against reverse engineering or copying.  

The result? Theft of Intellectual Property resident in the app or loss of service revenue through unauthorized use by rogue service providers.

Read the e-book to find out more about application security strategies and techniques that will help you protect your apps and preserve your revenue.
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