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Please note that you do not need to be a STEM Ambassador to be part of this project  or to attend the training and signing up to this project does not automatically make you a STEM Ambassador.

The STEM Ambassador Programme is nationally co-ordinated by STEMNET and can provide you with (free of charge) a DBS check, insurance and regular communications on events in your local area where you can utilise the skills and resources that you gain from the Futures in STEM training.

If you aren't already a STEM Ambassador we recommend that you become one and we can send you details of how to do this once you are registered with us.

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By signing up as an Ambassador you confirm that you have the agreement of your employer to be involved in this programme and the employer will release you to attend the half day training session and to deliver activities with young people following your training (a minimum of 1 per year).

Also,  you are confirming that you are happy to be registered on our system as an ambassador.