Spreadsheets & Clipboards
for Inventory Management
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The strong economy in the USA has catalyzed the growth of many industries.  Small and medium sized companies are expanding and growing but still relying on earlier methods for inventory management.  Enterprises that manufactured a few products how have many offerings.  Transportation companies with a few trucks have seen their fleets expand and distributors are carrying more goods and delivering them to more outlets. 

In each of these cases inventory and orders started out managed on spreadsheets and clipboards.  With new growth, are systems still viable? 


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If it works don't fix it - Keep using your existing system until something breaks

Paper systems hinder growth.  Manual systems with manual data entry are prone to errors that can be very costly in terms of lost orders, lost customers, and poor customer service.  Using a mobile device with Android is easy for workers and connects with everything from Excel to Quickbooks, and others including Cloud based ERP, MRP, and WMS systems.

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