1  Agile computational response speed
Don’t let employees stuck with slow running devices
The Skorpio X5 has a fast and dominant computational CPU power; the high-performance processor allows the system to run fast and smoother. With double the memory capacity than competitive models, the Skorpio X5 has plenty of memory to run multi-apps at once. The fast and reliable communications mediums with latest Wi-Fi protocols and superior roaming increase the speed of data transfer and reduces power consumption.

 2  Superior data capture ability
Technology and business pace evolve fast – are you keeping up?
Featuring the latest generation of Scan Engines specifically designed and developed by Datalogic, Skorpio X5 users can read any barcode, in any condition, whether labels are damaged or scratched, visible or covered. The snappiness felt at every scan trigger gives users the confidence and increases productivity with exceptional respond speed. Multiple high-performance scan engine options are available to better fit specific business requirements.

 3  Top Reliability – Lower total cost of ownership
Extend the life of your device fleet to an unmatched level
The Skorpio X5 is designed as a fully rugged device to withstand the harshest environments and mistreats. The ultra-reliable contactless charging models feature Wireless Charging technology providing a much lower maintenance cost. Charging contacts are the #1 cause of mobile device failure and can be receptacles for dust accumulation and microbial growth. The Skorpio X5 wireless charging models are the only PDTs in the market with such future proof and reliable technology.

 4  Largest display in the PDT market
Ultra-fast touch response for utmost productivity
Because the size of a screen impacts productivity - The Skorpio X5 features the largest, rugged, Gorilla Glass screen display in the PDT market at 4.3 inches, providing users plenty of space for the most modern applications and display of product pictures. It also allows high readability and comfortable reading in any light condition, including outdoors under the sunlight.

 5  Extremely ergonomic
Reduce operators’ fatigue, while enhancing efficiencies
The Skorpio X5 has a lightweight design and perfectly balanced pistol grip. Its functional keyboard design delivers enhanced tactile feel from key presses for faster data entry. Additional and exclusive ergonomic features include the highly visible function keys serving as shortcuts for frequently used applications.

 6  Ease of use and lower training turn-around time
Be safe and efficient: securely provision, deploy, and manage
The Skorpio X5 is a device designed for Android™ Enterprise with the latest Android 10 OS and leverages Google™ Enterprise APIs for security, provisioning and deployment. Its user-friendly platform allows access to Play Store to download only verified and virus-free applications.

 7  Tailored configurations for specific customer needs
Get the solution that fits your specific requirements
Find the right configuration based on your application needs with the possibility to choose from two convertible form-factors, charging technologies, or memory configurations; and, three scan engines or keyboard layouts.

 8  Un-interrupted 24x7 Operation
Prolong use with efficient battery power
Options of standard 3500 mAh or High-Capacity 6200 mAh batteries, a hot swappable battery technology, and the Datalogic Smart Battery Management application, will allow no interruptions in the most demanding and scan-intensive applications.

 9  Beyond the hardware – Mobility Suite – Do more, faster, and easier!
Seamless and continuous support for your devices
The ease of deployment, management, and support of the Skorpio X5 by using our complete and advanced deployment application tools are key advantages. Do not compromise on security.