The 6th meeting of the EUROPEAN MIGRATION FORUM

Making integration work: towards a more inclusive European society

Brussels, 2-3 June 2020

The deadline for applications is 10 March 2020.

Disclaimer: this open call refers only to the 6th meeting of the European Migration Forum (EMF). Organisations that are selected to participate in the June 2020 meeting will not automatically be given the right to participate in future meetings. 
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7. The 6th EMF meeting will focus on exploring the links between integration and a more inclusive European society, in addition to sponsorchip schemes for refugees and effective communication with citizens. Please provide evidence of your organisation's expertise and experience on at least two of the topics below. Please be specific and mention the relevant research/publication/conferences/projects/practical activities that your organisation has been involved in within the last 24 months. [max. 500 characters per topic]

7.1 Making a social Europe for all: how to mainstream integration of migrants in social cohesion policies
7.2 Each trajectory is unique: beyond mainstreaming, why tailor-made integration support is needed and how can it be delivered?
7.3 Integration as a two-way process: fostering encounters and interaction between migrants and local communities in particular through culture, art, sport, volunteering etc.
7.4 How to maximise integration for people in need for protection: lessons learned from private/community sponsorship schemes?
7.5 How to change the narrative/ communicate effectively with EU citizens on migration and integration policies?

8. Why are you interested in and what do you hope to get out of the European Migration Forum? [max. 400 characters]*
9. The Forum will be an interactive event, requiring everyone's active participation. In what way do you expect to contribute? (max. 400 characters)*
10. If selected to participate, your organisation will be invited to appoint one representative to attend the Forum. Please indicate ALL languages this person is able to work in (listening and speaking). 
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11. The organisers are interested to involve some organisations in the preparation of the event: in the preparation of a workshop, in leading discussions or in reporting results back to the plenary. Would you be available and interested in contributing to such preparations?
12. During the Forum, it will be possible to display materials on your projects and initiatives, to exchange experience and to network. Do you intend to bring some materials (brochures, leaflets, a PowerPoint presentation, video, etc)?

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When you have finished registering you will receive an e-mail as confirmation of submission. The results of the selection of participants will be communicated by mid-April 2020.

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