The 7th meeting of the EUROPEAN MIGRATION FORUM

Youth inclusion: key to successful migrant integration

Brussels, 20-21 October 2022

The deadline for submitting the form is 1 September 2022
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Disclaimer: this call refers only to the 7th meeting of the European Migration Forum (EMF). Organisations that are selected to participate in the October 2022 meeting will not automatically be given the right to participate in future meetings. 

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5. The 7th EMF meeting will focus on youth inclusion as a key to successful migrant integration. Are the activities of your organisation relevant to at least one of the topics below? If "yes", please explain.*

Young migrants’ access to education and training [max 700 characters]
Specific challenges and measures regarding integration of young refugees [max 700 characters]
Legal migration: youth mobility, both in the context of education and labour mobility of young people [max 700 characters]
Advancing participation and engagement of young migrants [max 700 characters]

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7. During the Forum, a limited number of organisations will have stands where they can present their projects and initiatives to participants. Do you wish to present your project at the Networking Village? The selection will be made by the organisers.
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If selected to participate, your organisation will be invited to appoint one representative to attend the Forum. Please note that interpretation in several languages will be provided at the plenary sessions. However, the working language in the workshops will be English, therefore it is strongly recommended that participants have a good command of English. 

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