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Watch on-demand videos

1. Download video presentation​

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Watch on-demand 30 min presentation on modelling of water pressure regulating valves for remote diagnostics, presented by our expert Olivier Narbey from GFPS and Dr Matt Collins from Oxford Flow at the Global Water A.I. & Data Usage Innovation Virtual Congress 2021  ​

We will explain how you can use and benefit from CFD modelling of the pressure regulating valves and how to narrow down your troubleshooting when you receive a call for sudden repair or water networks maintenance.

2. Watch webinar on-demand ​

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Its time to bring your water in balance! Watch on-demand 30 min of webinar presentation by our experts​. Olivier Narbey and Alex Geringer and learn how you can protect the water distribution network from excess pressure     ​

and reduce leakages, save 40% on time for labor-intensive installations with the help of smart pressure​

regulation technologies.