Securing your future Yes No Don't Know
I know what my monthly income will be after retirement
I have a financial plan in place for my retirement
I review my retirement plan every year
Securing your family Yes No Don't Know
My family will be financially secure should I pass away today
I have plans in place to take care of the financial and practical arrangements if someone in my family passes away today
My beneficiary nominations for my group life benefits are up to date
I have a valid will in place that meets all legal requirements
The planning and documentation around my estate are in order
All my documents to secure my future, family and belongings are easily accessible
My loved ones know where to find important documentation in the event that something unforeseen happens to me
Securing your belongings Yes No Don't Know
I have an insurance policy in place that covers my assets and personal belongings
My policy is updated and includes all those items I want covered
I am familiar with the Terms and Conditions of my insurance policy
I review my insurance policy at least once a year
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Securing my future
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Securing my belongings
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