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February 2022

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IOC Vice President: ‘Leiden is where I learned to stand up for myself’

The opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Munich in 1972 made a big impression on Nicole Hoevertsz. Her passion for sport and her perseverance brought her further than the once so introvert Aruban had dared to hope. Her appointment as Vice President of the IOC is the crowning glory of her work.

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Nicole Hoevertsz

Alumni Event in Brussels

Let's meet again! All Leiden alumni living and/or working in Brussels are invited to our live event on Thursday 31 March 2022, from lease preregister to receive more information.


Atomium Brussel

‘Pain is inherently subjective’

Expectations influence our experience of pain. According to psychologist Dr Kaya J. Peerdeman, this is key in pain care. Realistic expectations are important. The expectation that taking medication will reduce pain, for example, can lead to genuine pain relief (placebo effect). With a project grant, Dr Peerdeman investigates the conditions that lead to the best possible patient experience.

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Dr Kaya J. Peerdeman

Podcast History of Islam

‘Islam and Muslims are not something that happened to Europe; they are part of Europe. In fact, Islam is one the biggest constants in European history,’ argues Professor Maurits Berger in the new eight-part History of Islam in Europe podcast series of the Leiden University Faculty of Humanities.

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Podcast History of Islam


Leiden2022: a science festival bursting with activities
Public Policy Experiments: What are the Ethical Challenges?
18 February - Lecture - Online
Ben Feringa Lecture 2022 by Beatrice de Graaf: "Geopolitical Challenges, Security Threats"
18 February - Lecture - Holland in the Valley, UNL and University of Groningen

Culture-Language Maintenance in a City of Many Tongues
21 February - Conference - Online
Cybersecurity and the politics of knowledge production
23 February - Debate - Online

Getting Done With Snouck
24 February - Lecture - Online
The value of conflict in sustainability transitions
24 February - Lecture - Online
Climate justice through the courts:
Will courts prevent (and redress) human rights harm from climate change?

28 February - Lecture - Online
ELS lab meeting - Journal Club: Survey of EU Member States by Eva Grosfeld
4 March - KOG / Online
Courts as an Arena for Societal Change
8 & 9 July - Conference - Leiden

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