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March 2020

Galgewater, Leiden

Corona crisis: how is the Netherlands responding?

‘The Netherlands’ response to coronavirus is inconsistent.’ These are the words of Leiden political scientist Arjen Boin, an expert in crisis management. Vulnerable groups such as the elderly need more personalised advice. ‘It would be better to cancel bridge tournaments than football games.’

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What can Leiden learn from Oxford?

New SF chapter: networking opportunities in the Bay Area

At the instigation of the Netherlands Consulate General in the San Francisco Bay Area, a Leiden Alumni Chapter is established there. Prof. Van der Woude, who is regularly in the Bay Area as she is a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley, is active on behalf of the University in setting up the Alumni Chapter. A Dies Lecture in February was its first official event.

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Alumni Gathering Jakarta

Ethics in counter-terrorism: do you sacrifice one person to save ten?

Imagine: a Boeing 737 with 200 people on board is hijacked by a terrorist group. It soon becomes clear that the aircraft is on course for the country's tallest residential building, with 400 people in it. Would you shoot down the aircraft to avoid a higher number of fatalities? 

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Document Rembrandt

A fund in your name

Over the years, many Leiden alumni have set up a named fund with the Leiden University Fund. to commemorate a loved-one, as a way to live on in science or to support a field of science that is dear to one's heart. The donor determines the name and objective of the fund. Are you interested in this very personal way of contributing to science and education?

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Virtual reality

Meet alumni around the world

Alumni event in Jakarta 'Leiden Calling'
  14 March - Jakarta
International Air Law Moot Court
  17-19 April - St Petersburg

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