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November 2018


'Empathy is one of the most important things I have learned at Leiden University College'

After graduating from Leiden University College, Hande Taner divides her time between studying in Paris and working on getting more Muslim youth involved in the democratic process.

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‘Terrorism is theatre and we are the audience’

After every attack, terrorism researchers are often asked the same question: who did it? Jeanine de Roy van Zuijdewijn, a researcher at Leiden University, doesn’t always have a ready-made answer.
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Cleveringa Alumni Meetings

Each year in November, Cleveringa Meetings are organised for Leiden alumni all over the world. Leiden professors travel to many countries around the world to give lectures about scientific and topical issues. You're invited to a meeting in your area.
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Staring at stardust

Dust particles in space form the basis for new stars and planets.
But what do these particles consist of and how do they behave? Sascha Zeegers studied this.
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Celebration 3 October worldwide

The 3 October Vereeniging and the Alumni Office of Leiden University want to celebrate Leiden's Ontzet with alumni all over the world. Since it is difficult to get you all to Leiden, we sent the herring to our Alumni worldwide!
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Meet us in your Country

Bratislava, Slovakia - Cleveringa Meeting - 20 November
 Budapest, Hungary -Cleveringa meeting - 22 November
 Cairo, Egypt - Cleveringa meeting - 26 November
Hong Kong - Cleveringa meeting - 9 November
Jakarta, Indonesia -Cleveringa Meeting - 26 November
› Mexico City, Mexico - Cleveringa meeting
› New York, USA - Cleveringa meeting - 3 December
› Shanghai, China - Cleveringa Meeting- 14 November
› Singapore - Cleveringa meeting - 29 November
› Strasbourg, France - Cleveringa meeting - 22 November
› Sydney, Australia - Cleveringa Meeting - 21 November
› Tblisi, Georgia - Cleveringa meeting - 21 November

 Washington, USA - Cleveringa Meeting


Meet us in Leiden & The Hague

LST-alumni meeting by SV Life - 9 November, Leiden
The Future of Archaeology. Latest Innovations in the Field - Series of lectures, Leiden
Global Challenges - Series of lectures, Leiden 
 Euroscepticism and the Future of European Integration - 12 November, The Hague
- 20 November, The Hague

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