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January 2020

Hooglandse Kerkgracht Leiden

‘I want to do meaningful, intellectually stimulating work’

'To be honest, I knew very little about The Netherlands when I arrived in 1998. But studying law in Leiden was a very enriching experience.’ Nathalie van den Berge grew up in a number of different European countries, and now works at a UN office in Tanzania, where she lives with her Dutch husband and three sons.

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Alumnus Paul Cling

Snouck Hurgronje Prize goes to Leiden Resuscitation Day

Quick resuscitation can save lives, but under 1% of the population of Leiden is a community first responder. Student associations and various partners in Leiden want to give a resuscitation course to 500 residents and students of Leiden. This special project has won the LUF’s Snouck Hurgronje Prize. 

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Virtual reality

Tracers that light up tumours help surgeons

How do surgeons avoid causing nerve damage or leaving cancerous cells behind? An interdisciplinary research group at the LUMC hopes to improve operations and make them less invasive with the aid of imaging techniques. They are working with medical companies to make these techniques widely available.

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Document Rembrandt

From camel keeper to doctor

Two terrifying yellow eyes stared at eleven-year-old Francis Lesilau. The lion had just grabbed one of his camels and now turned to number two. For a moment Francis was nailed to the ground, then he ran towards the predator, screaming. The attack would mark a turning point in the life of Francis Lesilau. 42 years later he stands in a white tie at the Rapenburg in Leiden for his promotion ceremony.

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Alumnus Paul Cling

Meet alumni around the world

Save the date! San Francisco Bay Area Leiden Alumni Event
  12 February

Alumni event in Brussels
  13 February - Brussels, Belgium

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Meet alumni in Leiden & The Hague 

Beat the Professor Pubquiz
  24 January - Leiden
Lecture ‘Is Microplastic Pollution Really a Major Risk to the Environment?’
28 January - Leiden
› SUPER MoRRI Annual event 2020: RRI across Europe: Exploring the science society interface
29 January - Leiden

445th Dies Natalis Leiden University (online as well)
 7 February - Leiden
Symposium in honour of Paul J. Smith
13-14 February - Leiden
Leiden Anthropology Conference 2020
14 February - Leiden
› International Symposium about Russian-Dutch relations 
14 February - The Hague
LUCIR/CSPPR Seminar: Populism and Democracy
20 February - Leiden
LUCIR Lecture: The Landscape of Political Violence
21 February - The Hague

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