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December 2019


From refugees to expats: Dr Dennis helps them all

Patients who can’t afford medicine. Refugees who need help. Expats who are ill. All alongside research into obesity. Having trained as a doctor, Dennis Mook-Kanamori chose the hard reality of life as a GP together with a job as a researcher at the LUMC.

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Alumnus Paul Cling

Together we can make the canals plastic free! 

Help us spot and clean up the plastic in the canals of Leiden! Leiden University is calling on the good folk of Leiden to help our researchers study the plastic in the city’s canals. And if you’d like our canals (ánd our seas) to be plastic-free, why not donate towards a fleet of canoes to clean them up?

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Virtual reality

Niko Tinbergen Lecture:
Stem cells, Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde?

Stem cells bring great promise, but are also at the basis of cancer. Highly regarded stem cell professor Hans Clevers will deli-
ver this lecture on Tuesday 10 December. 
Join us for this great evening full of science!

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Document Rembrandt

Who is the rightful owner of colonial art?

Papuan ancestor statuettes, antique dag-gers belonging to Indonesian sultans, Egyptian mummies... Museums and col-lectors from all around the world possess artefacts that are now the subject of discussion. Were these acquisitions above board? Professor Ter Keurs calls for more research into the history of collections and provides a few telling examples.

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Alumnus Paul Cling

Meet alumni around the world

Anniversary Chicago convention and ICAO in Rome
  7 December - Rome

Peacebuilding in peri-urban areas in Colombia: nature-based solutions for community resilience
  2-14 December - Bogota, Colombia

The Indonesia-Netherlands Security and Rule of Law Update (INLU) 2019
  11 December to Thursday, 12 December 2019 - Jakarta, Indonesia
Alumni event in Brussels
  13 February - Brussels, Belgium

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Meet alumni in Leiden & The Hague 

 Symposium on the occasion of the farewell lecture by prof. dr. Ruud Koole.
13 December - Leiden
› Practicum Musicae Christmas concert
16 december - The Hague
› Faculty of Science’s New Year's reception and awards ceremony yearly prizes
7 January - Leiden
 Leiden Anthropology Conference 2020
14 February 2020

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