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May 2020

Hogewoerd/Steenschuur Leiden

Leiden alumni abroad in times of corona

What’s the situation like in Spain, Australia and other countries in these times of corona? How do Leiden alumni cope with the restrictive measures in their country, medication to combat corona or with working from home, with or without children? Read their experiences.

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Australia: One Kangaroo apart

Why the brain needs to get out and about

We are all at home in familiar surroundings. Not only is this boring but it can also have a negative influence on our learning, explains cognitive neuropsychologist Judith Schomaker. ‘Discovering new environments gets our brain learning and remembering. We are now missing this stimulus.’

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Why the brain needs to get out and about

Our Leiden researchers on coronavirus

The global outbreak of coronavirus and the government measures to slow its spread are having a huge impact on society.
How do our researchers reflect on this impact from the perspective of their own discipline - or even work on solutions? 

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How do you prevent viral outbreaks? By protecting animal health

Many dangerous diseases such as COVID-19, Ebola and Q fever have jumped from animals to humans. But it is not only because of these diseases that we should include animals in our health policy, but also because of their right to health, writes PhD candidate Joachim Nieuwland.

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Prevent viral outbreaks

Update #wakeuptocorona

Alumni from all over the world have already contributed to #wakeuptocorona. Professor Eric Snijder can now accelerate LUMC corona research from the new Bio Safety Level 3 laboratory. More support is needed to ensure Leiden scientist can quickly continue and expand their research in a safe environment.

Support our researchers

Donate to corona

Watch Recorded Online lectures

› LUCAS Explains #4: How to break the glass ceiling?
'Florence Nightingale: The Lady with the Data, and Her Work that is as Relevant Now as Ever'
  by Jacqueline Meulman, Professor of Applied statistics
'Corona statistics, Corona uncertainty'
   by Richard Gill, emeritus professor Mathematical Statistics
 Universiteit Leiden Lecture 4 May
  by Mark Ethan about how the colonial history of the Netherlands influenced its perspective on WWII


Life long Learning: free MOOC's

› International Law in action: Investigating and Prosecuting International Crimes
  Starts 15 June, by Carsten Stahn and Sergey Vasiliev
› International Law in Action: the Arbitration of International Disputes
  Starts 13 July, by Eric De Brabandere and Giulia

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