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September 2019


Finally signing the Sweat Room wall

Mikihiro Moriyama first came to Leiden for a year in 1988, and then stayed from 1992 to 1995 and was back again in June 2003 for his PhD. But he never signed his name on the wall of the Sweat Room.
'I’d never heard of the Sweat Room until I met Carel Stolker in Jakarta!'


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Document Rembrandt

Targeted immunotherapy for cancer patients

Immunotherapy stimulates the cancer patient's own immune system to attack the cancer. However, this therapy is not effective in all patients. Thanks to the support of an esteemed donor of the Leiden University Funds, Dr Noel de Miranda was able to develop a rapid, effective test to select suitable patients.

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Virtual reality

Join the Alumni Meeting in San Francisco Bay Area

The Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU) and the Consulate General of the Netherlands in San Francisco cordially invite you to the first annual Holland in the Valley - Alumni Event, Thursday evening, September 19, 2019 at ‘’Urban Winery’’ Tank 18. 

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Alumnus Paul Cling

Birds around airports may be deaf and more aggressive

Birds around airports are more aggressive and sing as if they have hearing loss. Collaboration between researchers of Manchester Metropolitan University and the Institute of Biology Leiden has led to surprising new findings about the impact of anthropogenic noise on birds around airports.

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Alumnus Paul Cling

Meet alumni around the world

› Leiden Alumni sharing session part II Jakarta
  12 September - Jakarta
Alumni Meeting San Francisco Bay Area
  19 September 2019 - USA, San Fransisco Bay Area
Leiden Alumni Meetings in Brazil
  20 & 24 September 2019 - Brazil
Save the date: Regional alumni conference Bangkok
  20-22 November 2019 - Bangkok

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Meet alumni in Leiden & The Hague

Exhibition on Leiden University at The Hague City Hall
  4 - 21 September 2019 - The Hague
 Prince's Day 2019
   17 September 2019 - The Hague
Finding Needles in Genomic Haystacks, Lecture Rob Phillips (Caltech) 
  16 September 2019 - Leiden

Should We Stay or Should We Go? Electoral Effects of Dropping Out of Coalition Talks
  18 September - Leiden - Lecture
Writing the History of the International LGBT Rights Movement
  19 September - Leiden

The Leiden Science Run
  28 September - Leiden
Why Globalise International Relations?
   4 October - The Hague - Lecture
Faculty of Archaeology Open Day
  12 October - Leiden
› Where are the Women after Resolution 1325?
   18 & 19 December- The Hague - Conference


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