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December 2020

Christmas time in Leiden

Pandemics: Survival of the ‘most anxious’?

When people in movies shake hands or crowd into elevators, do you think 'No! Keep back!'? Marieke Tollenaar does. And it’s not just her. Apparently the Corona-induced fear of human contact is already wired in our brains. In this pandemic, will it be a case of survival of the most anxious?

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Pandemics: Survival of the ‘most anxious’?

How Clinical Technology will change healthcare

In response to the potential lack of hospital ventilators for the huge numbers of Covid-19 patients, Clinical Technology students designed an emergency device in the space of just three weeks. ’These students become 80% doctor and 80% engineer.’

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How Clinical Technology will change healthcare

Skype a Scientist

Skype a Scientist is an online platform that matches scientists with classrooms and families around the world. PhD candidate Archaeology Maia Casna holds online sessions to talk about science and her research project during the lockdown. 'I am sure that Skype a Scientist is building up the next generation of scientists.'

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Skype a Scientist
Roméo Dallaire


 Florence Nightingale Colloquium presents Cees Snoek
  18 December 2020 - Online

Multilingualism in old songs from the Low Countries
  18 December 2020 - Online

Maintaining order: public prosecutors in post authoritarian countries, the case of Indonesia
  21 January 2021 - PhD Defence F. Afandi
› Children’s Rights Moot Court
   9-11 June 2021 - Online
Conference on Extradition and Surrender
   24-25 June 2021 - Leiden

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Life long learning

› The arbitration of international disputes 
   Starts 11 January 2021 - MOOC
› Guide to the international tribunals and courts in The Hague  
   Starts 8 February 2021 - MOOC

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