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November 2021

Boommarkt/Apothekersdijk, Leiden

'It is also great to have the opportunity to live a dream'

In the summer of 2021, Lucy Opoka was awarded a PhD position. In October, she arrived back in Leiden, where she obtained her LLM degree Advanced Studies in International Children’s Rights in 2019. How is it like being back?

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Lucy Opoka

Join our online Cleveringa Meetings 

Limits to the exploitation of space, both in practical and in legal terms; politics of China’s land reform in the past and present; vaccine development: these and more are the topics of the Cleveringa meetings you can join live or online. 

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Cleveringa meetings worldwide

‘Colourblind parenting is a myth’

We should mention differences in skin colour to our children because only then can we talk openly about prejudice and racism – and how to prevent them. This is what Professor Judi Mesman says in her book ‘Opgroeien in kleur’ (Growing up in Colour), which offers advice to parents.

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Colourblind parenting

Flash interview with alumna and University President Annetje Ottow

'I liked studying, and studying here in Leiden was great because there was such a wide range of electives to choose from. It was easy to make contact with professors. I also had a very close-knit group of friends who were fellow students, one of whom I ended up marrying!’ 

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Annetje Ottow

Life Long Learning

› Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology Chapter Meeting
  9 & 10 November - hybrid

› Security & Safety Challenges in a Globalized World 
  MOOC - starts 22 November - online
› Evolution Today
  MOOC - starts 22 November - Online
› The Rooseveltian Century 
  MOOC - starts 22 November - online
› Summer School: The European Union, the United Nations and Global Governance
  June 2022 - The Hague

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