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October 2021

Binnenhof, Den Haag

'During a mission you can make a difference in a world a long way from here'

From assistance in the event of natural disasters to peace-keeping missions. As a communication adviser, Van Poelgeest goes to all destinations where the Dutch Royal Marines are active. Why did she choose this work and how has her Public Administration study helped her? 

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Van Poelgeest

Cleveringa Meeting 2021: 'Freedom, Outer Space, and the Role of the Law'

Commercial space flights have prompted new questions. What limits are there to the exploitation of space, both in practical and in legal terms? What is possible and what should we want? Join the the 2021 hybrid Leiden Cleveringa Meeting with Professors Beijersbergen and Von der Dunk.           

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Space &Law,  Cleveringa Meeting Cosine

Six reasons why it’s hard to lead a healthier life

We know we should do it, and we often want to, but… Why is it so hard to live a healthier life? Healthcare could become unaffordable in the future. Professor of Behavioural Interventions in Population Health Marieke Adriaanse explains.

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A healthier life

Why do researchers go for an international career?

The curiosity and enthusiasm about a specific topic can drive scientists halfway across the world. Joana Brás Gomes Nunes' interest in cell metabolism brought her via Portugal and the United States to Leiden. What drives researchers, and what is the advantage of such an international career?

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International Career

Life Long Learning

› Podcast: Urban Life in Catalonia in the 14th Century
› MOOC: International Law in Action: a guide to the international courts and tribunals in The Hague
  Starts 8 November - Larissa van den Herik and more - Online

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