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May 2019


Chemist becomes America correspondent

Chemistry, which is what Hans Klis studied in Leiden, is not what one might expect of a general journalist. ‘I’m a late bloomer,’ he says, despite having spent four years as America correspondent and written a book on notorious school shootings by the tender age of 34.

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Hans Klis

Let's meet in Washington and Brazil!

On the occasion of visits of Leiden University delegations to Brazil and the USA, we kindly requests the pleasure of your company at a Leiden Alumni Meeting in São Paulo on May 20 and in Washington on May 29. If you would like to join us that evening, please register.

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Alumni Meetings Worldwide

International experience thanks to alumni

Student days are about more than amassing credits alone. They are brimming with personal development opportunities. Thanks to the generous support of alumni and friends, the Leiden University Funds can give students with big dreams and original ideas the opportunity to study or do research abroad.

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Leiden University Fund
Meet us worldwide

› Leiden Alumni meeting in São Paulo, Brazil
  10 May
Your Second Chance: from Leiden to The Top
  Leiden Sharing session in Jakarta, Indonesie
  18 May

› Leiden Alumni meeting in Washington
  29 May

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Meet alumni in Leiden & The Hague

Lecture: Applying machine learning to human-interpreted data
  14 May - Leiden

Alumni event South and Southeast Asian Studies
  11 May - Leiden
Archaeology Faculty Lecture by Nick Shepherd and BBQ
  16 May - Leiden
Celebrate Leiden University’s 444th anniversary at the Museum night
  18 May 2019
Lecture: The Evolution of Urban Ecosystems
  21 May - Leiden
› 'Criminalising Curiosity? Counter-terrorism on Campus and Beyond'
  Lecture by Lucia Zedner - 23 May - The Hague 
100 years of Assyriology: Alumni event
  20 June - Leiden
Lobbying and Political Advocacy: Representing Societal Interests in Times of Turbulence
  Summerschool for PhD researchers and Advanced Masters Students
  4 July - 12 July - The Hague

Meet alumni in Amsterdam & Rotterdam

Leiden Law Young Alumni Network Kick-off drinks event
  16 May - Amsterdam
Shift 10 year anniversary Lustrum Gala
  7 June - Rotterdam

Meet us online

MOOC: The Cosmopolitan Medieval Arabic World -
  Starts May 7 - online
MOOC: The Rooseveltian Century -
  Starts May 13 - online
MOOC: Population Health: Health & Health Behaviour 

  Starts May 13 - online

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