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The online module Online Experience of Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology (BA) will take approximately 1-2 hours to complete, and if needed you can take a break in between and proceed later. The module consists of online lectures on the four key themes of our programme: Sustainability, Diversity, Digitalisation and Methodology. The online lectures are all divided into short clips. Every clip is followed by a quiz-question. Try to answer them, they function as a tool for you to learn about the course material. In addition to the online lectures we have also added chapters about what it's like to study at our institute, about the student city Leiden and about the career choices of 5 of our alumni.

Good luck and have fun! Hopefully after completing this Online Experience you will have a good idea of whether Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology suits you and you can make a well-founded application!

Kind regards,

Emma van Trotsenburg

Student Ambassador

Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology

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