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Introducing the new QTE series with Mazatrol SmoothEz. This new range of CNC turning centres with 6", 8" and 10" chuck sizes offer higher productivity and performance at exceptional value.

How does the new QTE series turn up your efficiency?

  • Turning, milling, Y-axis and second spindle specifications designed to meet your production requirement
  • Built-in spindle motor for high-accuracy, high-speed machining
  • Servo-motor driven turret for high-speed operation 
  • High productivity, high reliability and ease of maintenance
  • Fully-integrated NC tailstock for added versatility
  • Tool shank height of 25mm
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Achieving higher productivity and accuracy   


  • Built-in spindle motor achieves higher accuracy compared to a conventional belt-drive spindle  

 5,000 rpm spindle

 Ultra-high speed acceleration and deceleration 

 Vibration is minimised during high-speed operation to ensure exceptional roundness and surface finishes.  

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Quick-Change Mill Holder 


The new milling holder provides considerably improved cutting performance.


4500 rpm rotary tool spindle 

Output (40% ED/ con. rating) 5.5 kW /3.7 kW

Max. torque (40% ED): 47 N.m 


6000 rpm rotary tool spindle (OPTION)

Output (40% ED/ con. rating) 5.5 kW /3.7 kW

Max. torque (40% ED): 23 N.m 

  • A choice of two turret configurations are available
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12 position drum turret (STANDARD)                                 8 position drum turret (OPTION)

  • Fully integrated NC tailstock provides support for long workpieces for improved accuracy and reduced set-up times.
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Dead Centre for QTE-100 SG, QTE 200SG, QTE-300 SG (500U)   Built-in Centre for QTE-300 SG (1000U) 

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"With the new SmoothEz control my operators can create programs easily thanks to Mazatrol conversational  programming even with minimal NC experience"

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Three Ez (easy) features for unsurpassed ease of operation.

1. Ez Operation

Equipped with "Quick Mazatrol" for user-friendly conversational programming.

Intuitive 15" touch screen for easy programming.

2. Ez Setup

Data on a machine in the factory can be accessed from a PC in the office.

3. Ez Machining

High-speed machining with stable and continuous high-accuracy thanks to Thermal Shield function.

Watch the video to see the how a program can be easily created using Quick Mazatrol with a flexible layout and custom display. 

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QTE-100 SG, QTE-200 SG and QTE-300 SG 

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