​​Would you like
to be our partner?
Protecmedia's international career
has always relied on the collaboration
with local partners throughout the world.
This strategy has enabled us to adapt
our activity to the particularities
of each geographical market.


We currently have international partners in Malaysia 
(Richmatt), the United Arab Emirates (Printchem Trading), 
India (Newstech), Italy (Willbit) and the USA.
(eType Services) and Turkey (Derintrade).


We are always open to establishing
new partnerships to enhance our international
activity and expand into new markets.


What do we look for in our partners? 

  • It is relevant that they maintain a close and trusting relationship with the media in their geographical area.
  • We are particularly interested in their having current contacts in different media. In this way, we can establish a first contact that will allow us to strengthen the relationship until the first demo.
  • Our partners are usually linked to the world of software, printing machinery and other types of services. They do not necessarily have to be technology companies, but it is positive that they understand certain complex processes.
If you want to join this challenge and develop with us a new line
of business in your country, contact us. Together, we will evaluate
different possibilities of strategic models to follow.




If you want to join this challenge
and develop with us a new line
of business in your country,
contact us. Together, we will
evaluate different possibilities
of strategic models to follow