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First Fridays - Namibia
A series of knowledge-sharing breakfast events held in Namibia
First Thursdays - Botswana
A series of knowledge-sharing breakfast events held in Botswana
Knowledge Sharing Breakfast - Swaziland
Held bi-annually in Swaziland
Knowledge Sharing Breakfast - Mauritius
Held bi-annually in Mauritius
We-Read-For-You (WRFY) Invitation
This is a morning forum where highly rated books are read on your behalf and presented with thought provoking synopsis in under an hour, presented in Cape Town and via live-streaming.
Whether they be open days, alumni networking sessions, future scenario planning or celebrating milestones achieved, we would like to share in these moments with you. Without you, these wouldn't happen.
Executive education courses, workshops and master classes
Stay up to date with our innovative and transformational learning experiences where we develop and connect leaders, which lead to the building of extensive networks. Courses are offered in 13 countries and online
Comprehensive Management
Coaching Management
Financial Management
Governance & Ethics Management
Human Resource Management
Marketing Management
Operations Management
Project Management
Strategy & Innovation
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