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SECTION 1: Qualification-based entry criteria

If you have any of the following qualifications, you are eligible to enter the Diploma in Treasury Management, and you do not need to complete Section 2:
  • ACT Certificate in Treasury
  • ACT Certificate in International Treasury Management
  • Certified Treasury Professional (CTP)
You can go straight to the Diploma in Treasury Management course page and book yourself on.

If you do not have any of these qualifications, please proceed to Section 2.

SECTION 2: Experience-based entry criteria

Candidates for entrance by experience to the Diploma in Treasury Management will be judged on a case by case basis against the following criteria. To apply for direct entry, you must have significant exposure to, and experience of, a variety of corporate treasury activities at an operational level.

Please note that each of the fields below has a character limit of 4,000 characters. If any of your responses exceed this limit you will need to attach them to your submission as a PDF.

Please provide evidence demonstrating how you meet the five key criteria listed below.

  • The role of the corporate treasury function, its structure and controls to ensure its effectiveness in supporting the financial and risk management objectives of the organisation.
  • The ability to explain and apply a range of interest rates, yields and discount rates, undertake discounted cash flow analysis, differentiate between yield curves and undertake relevant yield curve calculations.
  • Understanding the features, participants and conventions of the foreign exchange market in order for the organisation to maximise the value of its net assets and minimise foreign exchange risk.
My Context of Treasury evidence:
If you would like to upload any additional supporting evidence, do so here.
  • Understanding the principles of cash, liquidity and working capital, the relationship between them and how cash moves through the business for cash forecasting and working capital management purposes.
  • Demonstrating the ability to evaluate the implications of using bank borrowing, money markets, and selected international trade finance instruments in order to make appropriate recommendations for different commercial situations.
  • The ability to select the most appropriate management solutions supported by appropriate calculations, including payments systems, in order to safeguard the organisation’s cash and optimise its net interest expenses or income, while maintaining the organisation’s operational flexibility.
My Cash and Liquidity Management evidence:
If you would like to upload any additional supporting evidence, do so here.
  • Understanding the main sources of capital for an organisation and their practical characteristics in order to be able to access these sources in a cost-effective way and with an appropriate level of risk, thus maximising long-term shareholder wealth while safeguarding the assets, cash flows and operational flexibility of the organisation.
  • Proposing an appropriate capital structure for a given organisation and calculating the cost ofcapital using a range of appropriate practical models and techniques.
  • Selecting and applying a range of appropriate practical investment appraisal techniques, and thus support the maximisation of long-term shareholder wealth.
My Corporate Finance evidence:
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  • Understanding the principles, importance and detailed application of treasury policy,procedures and reporting in order to support their development and implementation in practice.
  • Demonstrating how corporate governance and regulatory controls and policies apply to treasury and how they enable treasury functions to be carried out in an efficient and ethical manner.
  • Explaining the fundamental principles of financial reporting and taxation relating to treasury in order to support the preparation and analysis of financial reports, tax analysis and financial and business analysis.
  • Assessing and recommending appropriate IT solutions for differing treasury requirements and describe the project management steps required for successful implementation and security controls.
My Ethics, Governance and Regulation in Treasury evidence:
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  • Understanding the fundamental importance to an organisation of identifying and measuring the risks that it faces and the benefits of establishing a robust process for the management of risk.
  • Assessing the role and responsibilities of treasury in managing the key financial risks which the organisation faces in order to protect it against potential losses.
  • Analysing the key practical techniques for the measurement, management and reporting of treasury risks to protect the organisation against losses and support the organisation and its stakeholders with relevant risk-related inflation.
My Risk Analysis and Management evidence:
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