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SECTION 1: Qualification-based entry criteria

If you have any of these qualifications and combinations, you are eligible to enter for the Advanced Diploma in Treasury Management:
  • ACT AMCT Diploma (pre-2016)
  • ACT Diploma in Treasury Management (post 2016)
  • Certificate in International Treasury Management with distinction, as well as being qualified with an IFAC member body
  • Irish Association of Corporate Treasurers Graduate Certificate in Corporate Treasury
You can go straight the Advanced Diploma in Treasury Management course page and book.

If you have qualified with Sheffield please upload your evidence here.

Sheffield Hallam University MSc in Banking and Finance
Once you have uploaded your MSc certificate, please proceed to Section 2 as you are required to provide further evidence.
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If you do not have any of these qualifications, please proceed to Section 2. 
SECTION 2: Experience-based entry criteria

Candidates for entrance to the Advanced Diploma in Treasury Management by experience will be judged on a case by case basis against the following criteria. To apply for direct entry, you must have significant exposure to a variety of corporate treasury activities, both at operational and strategic levels.

Please note that each of the fields below has a character limit of 4,000 characters. If any of your responses exceed this limit you will need to attach them to your submission as a PDF.

Please provide evidence demonstrating how you meet the three key criteria listed below.

  • Development of corporate finance strategies that meet corporate objectives.
  • Identification and implementation of capital structures which meet organisational objectives.
  • Experience of identifying and implementing debt funding source which meet organisational objectives.
  • Use of valuation and project appraisal models to support management of projects, acquisitions and/or disposals.
  • Development of a treasury structure suitable for your organisation.
My Corporate Finance evidence:
If you would like to upload any additional supporting evidence, do so here.
  • Establishing/running a robust and integrated risk management framework.
  • Experience of risk modelling, assessment and mitigation.
  • Experience of evaluation of the reporting and governance of risk management processes within your organisation.
My Risk Management evidence:
If you would like to upload any additional supporting evidence, do so here.
  • Setting of departmental, team and personal objectives.
  • Managing others to implement plans on time, to budget and within agreed quality parameters.
  • Managing staff to collect and analyse data and produce timely reports/recommendations either to solve issues, minimise risk or justify strategic decision making.
  • Experience of demonstrating the added value a treasury team can bring an organisation.
  • Experience of relationship management, communication and negotiation with internal and external stakeholders.
My Treasury Management evidence:
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